I build bridges between people, when you can’t even see where to begin… can you imagine a world more united…, with greater love and respect for all people? I can. And that’s why I’ve started three brands (all related) that will help bring people together. The Help Unite the World movement, the Hancock Stories children’s series, and the Hancock Stories Foundation, where youth get increased opportunity, through inventor workshops, imagination houses, and education and small business grants.

We’re laying the groundwork now for all three brands, and it’s an exciting time. I’m looking for individuals and businesses who want to add to the love and respect in the world, and contribute in a lasting way. So who do you know… who do you know who can and will donate funds, that will jumpstart our perpetual grant program, and give youth greater opportunity, for years to come?… Who do you know? 

"With Imagination and Hard Work, You Can Do Anything—So Squeeze Opportunity Every Day."

Jumpstart Our Sustainable Grant Program

Jumpstart Our Sustainable Grant Program

Hancock Stories Foundation

Hancock Stories Foundation (a private foundation) exists to give opportunity, through Hancock Stories Inventor Workshops and Imagination Houses, and education and small business grants. It’s a 100% foundation, where all donations go directly for grants and/or for the costs of building Hancock Stories Inventor Workshops and Imagination Houses. All expenses are paid by Hancock Stories Foundation owners, and others. There are no salaries. Everything is volunteer.

We're laying the groundwork now, and it's an exciting time. The process has begun for the first Hancock Stories Foundation Inventor Workshop and Imagination House, in South Central LA.

Jumpstart Our Perpetual Grant Program

And Give Youth Increased Opportunity For Years To Come

The Hancock Stories Foundation perpetual grant fund model makes growth exponential and sustainable (grant recipients agree that, “I will do all that I can to succeed enough within ten years, to be able to voluntarily donate back to the Hancock Stories Foundation grant fund more than I have received in Hancock Stories Foundation grant(s). This will help to create a Hancock Stories Foundation perpetual grant fund, so that more individuals can be helped. This will also help grant recipients, like myself, become more self-reliant.”)

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